Riverside Wedding Elegance in Windsor
Jojo & Marley

Riverside Wedding Elegance in Windsor

In the warmth of a late July day in 2023, Jojo and Marley's wedding brought me to the sublime Oakley Court, a Victorian mansion set by the river in Windsor, Berkshire. It was a new venue for me, stirring a familiar blend of excitement and nervous anticipation that always accompanies the first time in a new setting. Yet, the moment I was greeted by the couple, any fleeting nerves dissolved into a focused eagerness to capture their day.

Upstairs, the air buzzed with a vibrant, joyful energy as Jojo, her sisters, friends, and mother, prepared for the day. A short walk away, Marley and his groomsmen were engrossed in a spirited tennis match, I managed to capture Marley mid-swing—a shot that’s probably not going to land me a gig at Wimbledon, but it's one I'm fond of regardless.

Oakley Court's grounds were nothing short of spectacular, serving as an idyllic stage for a riverside ceremony. Over a hundred chairs were neatly arranged, facing the serene flow of the river, complemented by the vibrant hues of flowers arranged by Daisy Grace Blooms.

Jojo, flanked by her parents on each side, made her way down the aisle, a moment of pride and anticipation, with Marley eagerly anticipating her approach. As the vows were exchanged, passing boats became fleeting guests, their occupants offering waves of congratulations, weaving an extra layer of warmth and uniqueness into the ceremony's fabric.

Following the ceremony, the celebration transitioned to a more informal setting where guests mingled with drinks in hand, rekindling connections with family and friends. Among the day's surprises was a towering green bouncy castle, inviting not only the children but also the newlyweds and some adventurous adults to bounce in joy.

The speeches commenced outdoors, near the yurt set for dinner, with Jojo's mother opening to enthusiastic applause and cheers. There's something inherently special about outdoor speeches—their informality brings a layer of warmth and intimacy to these expressions of love, gratitude and the occasional well timed joke.

A standout moment for me, which later earned accolades at the This Is Reportage awards, was capturing Jojo’s brother pondering over lighting his cigarette by using the fire pit—a candid, contemplative moment filled with unspoken narrative.

As the evening progressed, guests were treated to a feast of Thai cuisine inside the yurt, fueling them for the night ahead. The speeches, particularly moving, saw Marley, the maid of honour, and a trio of best men sharing their tales, with Jojo's reactions ranging from tears to laughter.

A brief escape for sunset photos offered a serene pause, the river gardens providing a stunning backdrop. It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do.

The celebration concluded with the dance floor coming alive, thanks to DJ Larry Sun's impeccable music selection. Highlights included Jojo and her dad leading a love train and a moment of pure joy as a jubilant Jojo is lifted by her family—a fitting end to a day brimming with equally memorable moments.

Jojo & Marley's Oakley Court celebration seamlessly blended authentic moments with a touch of sophistication, nestled by the river's tranquil embrace—a setting so captivating, it beckons me back. For those contemplating a riverside wedding, a stroll through Oakley Court's stunning gardens is a must.

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Wedding Planner: Grace Reglinski 

Venue: Oakley Court Hotel

Florist: Daisy Grace Blooms

Makeup Artist: Lauren Nicole

Hair Stylist: Lauren Nicole (If the same as Makeup Artist)

DJ / Band: DJ Larry Sun

Bride's Wedding Attire: Dress - Katherine Tash

"Richard was brilliant. During what is a pretty mad day, Richard managed to be in 10 places at once, capturing so many amazing moments of the day. It was an absolute pleasure to have him! So many guests came up and said what a lovely guy he was, and we couldn’t be happier with our photos. We would recommend him in a heartbeat!"
Jojo & Marley