Festival Vibes at Dorset Marquee Wedding
Allistair & Ella

Festival Vibes at Dorset Marquee Wedding

In the heart of mid-July, I had the joy of capturing Allistair and Ella's wedding, set against the picturesque backdrop of Ella's family farm in Shipton Gorge, Dorset. The day promised a festival vibe, complete with guests staying in bell tents and a marquee reception that boasted stunning views of the Dorset landscape.

The day dawned bright and clear, a perfect summer day, which with our unpredictable British weather, was a delightful surprise. My arrival at the farm was met with excitement; the warmth of the day matched only by the warmth of those gathered for the celebration. Inside one of the farmhouses, Ella was surrounded by a sea of bridesmaids and family, all contributing to the joyful atmosphere. Amidst the laughter and preparations, Ella's daughter, celebrating her first wedding alongside her parents, added an extra touch of sweetness to the morning.

Not far off, Allistair, a Kiwi now fully woven into the fabric of UK life, readied himself with his groomsmen and father, a moment of calm before the day's excitement.. The anticipation of the day was palpable, a feeling that only grew as Ella stepped into her intricately detailed lace dress, her long veil flowing behind her.

The ceremony was set in the charming St Martin's church, a quaint building that offered lovely countryside views, setting a serene stage for the day's vows. Ella's arrival was nothing short of cinematic, a vintage open-top car perfectly complementing her stunning lace dress and flowing veil. Inside, the church buzzed with anticipation, reaching a crescendo as Allistair awaited at the altar with his daughter, a picture-perfect moment.

The reception truly stood out, offering sweeping views of the Dorset valley that created an ideal setting for the celebrations. Among the highlights of the drinks reception were the charming sight of a young boy playfully taking the wheel of the vintage car, and a heart-stopping moment for me personally. In pursuit of the perfect group shot, I found myself scaling a precarious tower of hay barrels. While the initial ascent was smooth, the instability of the third stack added a dose of adrenaline to the task. Nevertheless, luck was on my side, and from the summit, I was rewarded with an unparalleled view for capturing the gathering below, though the descent proved to be a slightly more daunting challenge.

Inside the large white marquee, amidst a flurry of last-minute tweaks to the seating arrangements, came a procession like no other. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, flanked by beaming parents, boogied down the aisle in a spectacle of rhythm and flair. The atmosphere electrified as Allistair & Ella, caught up in the wave of excitement, unleashed a dance with such gusto, you’d think they were born for this moment. The air buzzed with cheers and clapping, everyone fully dialled into the joy. What a scene to behold!

The speeches are an emotional rollercoaster, blending laughter with heartfelt tears, and even featuring a moment straight out of The Lion King—yes, the baby was held aloft for all to see!  Wrapping up the speeches, Alistair's best man masterfully navigated the delicate balance between witty banter, touching anecdotes about the groom, and sincere expressions of affection, closing the chapter on a high note.

As the day began to fade, the sun transitioned through a spectrum of warm colours, wrapping both guests and the rolling landscape in a golden light—perfect for photography. I took this opportunity to whisk Allistair and Ella away for some relaxed portraits. Often, I have to coax couples into feeling at ease in front of the camera, but with these two, it was effortless. Among the snapshots, one particular image stands out: their leisurely walk under the festoon lights, with the sky blooming into a vibrant magenta. It's in moments like these, as a photographer, you instantly recognize you've captured something special.

Inside, the band kicked into gear, setting the tone for a wedding that embraced the festival spirit. Simply White Disco lived up to their moniker, decked out in all white and absolutely owning the stage. I don’t recall a moment when the dance floor wasn’t alive with energy. The pinnacle of the evening was watching Allistair and Ella join the band for a song, becoming the heart of the celebration with all their friends and family cheering from below. A perfect crescendo to cap off an unforgettable wedding in the Dorset countryside.

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Caterer : Burn Valley

Videographer : Benjamin Race

Florist : Beccles Flower Shed

Hair Stylist : Bonnie - BeExtended hair Alexa - Lounge Nine Hair & Beauty

DJ / Band : Blue Lion

Bride's Wedding Attire : Katrine Mogensen

"We feel so incredibly lucky that Richard was our photographer. He is beyond talented."
Luisa & Jack