A Vibrant Destination Portugal Vineyard Wedding
Aviana & Frank

A Vibrant Destination Portugal Vineyard Wedding

Nestled in the heart of Portugal's vineyard-clad landscape, Aviana and Frank's wedding day unfolded with the kind of warmth and vibrancy that only this sun-drenched country can offer. Their choice to celebrate love in Portugal, a gem for destination weddings, was as much a nod to Frank's European roots as it was a testament to their adventurous American spirits. My journey to document their special day began a tad groggily, the aftermath of birthday celebrations, but the Atlantic's breeze was a remedy like no other.

The eve of the wedding set the tone, a laid-back barbecue amidst Quinta de Sant’ana's sprawling beauty. Rugs scattered, wine flowing, and laughter echoing under the open sky. Aviana and Frank, the epitome of elegance, wandered hand-in-hand through the vineyard, their connection palpable. The night resonated with speeches and a shared birthday cake for Aviana's nephew, wrapping up the day and giving guests anticipation for the wedding day ahead.

As dawn broke, the promise of clear skies hinted at the perfect day ahead. My stroll through the vineyard rekindled memories of past visits, each corner bursting with life—from the riotous colours of the Pink flora to the flying doves that seemed almost a fixture in my photographs here. Inside, Aviana's anticipation was matched by her entourage's spirited preparations, while Frank, ever the dapper groom, shared tender moments with his daughter and their new feline family member, a ginger kitten destined for American shores after the family fell in love with her.  I have had cats for years, so I definitely have a soft spot for people who love our feline friends as well.

The day's first tear-jerker was the couple's first look. Hidden from the day's burgeoning heat in a secluded nook, Frank's reaction to Aviana, radiant in her Made With Love Bridal gown, was a moment of pure joy. Set against the vineyard's vivid backdrop.

The ceremony, set on the lawn with the vineyard stretching out beyond, was a heartfelt nod to tradition and personal history. Under the 'chuppah', reflecting Aviana's heritage, they exchanged vows. The sound of glass shattering was the cue for jubilation, leading guests to a reception that unfurled under an unblemished sky.

The reception in the courtyard was a feast for the senses. I always say these moments are among my favourites to capture. There's something about the afterglow of the ceremony, where everyone is basking in happiness, sharing hugs and stories, that really brings a wedding to life. The local delicacy, Tibornia, was a hit, and capturing guests' delight as they tasted it was a highlight of the day. But it was Aviana and Frank's dance that stole the show—a meticulously choreographed number that left everyone in awe.

As the evening unfolded, the barn's rustic cool embrace for the evening's feast and speeches, an entrance by Aviana and Frank that was nothing short of spectacular for such a stunning setting, sealed with a kiss halfway through for that extra touch. Emotions ran high as the speeches began, Aviana's father leading the charge, followed by Frank, then Aviana's sister, and finally, Frank's daughter, leaving hardly an eye dry. All the while, Frank and Aviana, seated at their table beneath an elaborate floral arrangement, took in the heartfelt words.

As dusk fell and the festoon lights began to twinkle across the courtyard, the dance floor beckoned once more. This time, it was the tender father-daughter dances that captured everyone's attention, with Aviana and her dad leading the way, followed by Frank and his daughter. Each dance marking another beautiful chapter of the night. Meanwhile, inside the wine cellar, the DJ dialled up the energy, pulling guests back into the rhythm of celebration. Aviana, lifted high amidst cheers, with a napkin swirling in the air, and guests belting out songs, while lasers painted the room in vibrant hues and the sound of clinking shot glasses filled the air. Indeed, Aviana and Frank's wedding in Portugal was nothing short of spectacular.

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Wedding Planner : Alexandra Mengheres / Ann Frost

Venue & Caterer: Quinta de Sant'Ana

Florist: Ann Frost - Quinta de Sant'Ana

Hair Stylist: Rita Rodriguez (https://www.ritarodriguesmakeup.com/)

Band : Jazz in Algarve

DJ : André Galvão

Wedding Dress #1 : Made With Love Bridal

Wedding Dress #2 : Jenny Yoo

Groom's Wedding Attire : Joseph A. Bank.

"5 stars is a severe understatement for the high rating Richard deserves. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, please just stop your search here. Hiring Richard was the best decision we could have made and we are so glad that we did!"
Aviana & Frank
black and white photograph of bride and groom being showered with confetti