Enchanting Chateau de Garde wedding near Bordeaux
Katie & Charlie

Enchanting Chateau de Garde wedding near Bordeaux

In mid-July, I found myself in the heart of South West France for Katie and Charlie's destination wedding, just a short drive from the captivating city of Bordeaux. Having photographed numerous weddings across France, I still find each visit as thrilling as the last, always eager to explore new corners of this enchanting country. This time, I was fortunate enough to wander through Bordeaux's alluring streets, its charm and magnificent architecture leaving me in awe, before heading to Katie and Charlie's big day.

The wedding day dawned with rainclouds threatening the celebrations. Destination weddings carry the sunny day expectation, making the prospect of rain slightly disheartening. Yet, upon meeting Katie and her entourage in the chateau's top floor, optimism filled the air. Her certainty about the outdoor ceremony proceeding despite the weather was infectious. Meanwhile, downstairs, Charlie, in his sharp blue suit, and his groomsmen in pale blue all in good spirits, and especially when an unsuspecting bottle of fizz, previously shaken by Charlie, exploded upon opening, filling the room with laughter.

Peering out from the chateau's grand windows, I shared Katie's hope as the skies began to clear, hinting at the outdoor ceremony she'd dreamed of. Guests started arriving on the stunning terrace, everyone dressed to the nines and catching up with each other. 

The anticipation built as Katie, radiant and ready, descended the long stairway to her waiting father—a moment I always love. The ceremony unfolded on the lawn of Chateau de Garde, set against a backdrop of vineyard aisles and rolling countryside, with florals by Best Events Co transforming the space into something out of a dream.

After the ceremony, the genuine hugs and joyful tears shared among the guests and newlyweds were a photographer's dream. The palm tree courtyard reception felt like a slice of Marrakech, offering an exotic twist to the French countryside setting.

The entrance of Katie and Charlie to the reception was met with cheers and napkins waving in the air. Speeches wove through the meal, each adding layers to the day's narrative, perfectly orchestrated by friends of the couple.  The highlight for me was Charlie leading a spirited singalong to "I am the music man," uniting everyone in a chorus that perfectly transitioned to the evening's festivities.

As golden hour approached, the vineyard provided the perfect backdrop for sunset portraits, the soft orange light adding a magical touch. And, of course, the day wouldn't be complete without a sparkler-lit croquembouche, a nod to French tradition, shared with beaming smiles from Katie and Charlie.

As day turned to night, the dance floor came alive, marking the end of a day filled with unforgettable moments. Wine flowed, ties were loosened, and the air was filled with the sense of uninhibited celebration—truly epic.

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Venue: Chateau de Garde 

Catering: Deval Traiteur Bordeaux 

Live Music: TMD Band

Florals: The Best Events Co 

Furniture Rental: NPA Evenements 

MakeUp Artist: Alexia Bigaud Morin

Hair Stylist: Chez Les Soeurs 

Decor & Planning: The Best Events Co

"Richard photgraphed our wedding and we are not particularly into being in front of the camera especially for hours on end. He really made it a smooth operation and allowed us to enjoy our day; the results were fantastic. Really captured the day perfectly!"
Katie & Charlie
black and white photograph of bride and groom being showered with confetti