Vibrant Jewish Destination Wedding at Domaine Saint Hilaire
Hannah & Noam

Vibrant Jewish Destination Wedding at Domaine Saint Hilaire

Navigating through the chaos of French air traffic control strikes, I finally arrived at the enchanting vineyard venue of Domaine Saint Hilaire in Montagnac, southern France. Despite the hurdles, the allure of the chateau, nestled within lush woods and endless rows of vineyards, made every moment of the journey worthwhile. The setting was an idyllic canvas for Hannah and Noam's destination wedding, promising a day filled with love, tradition, and celebration.

I head up inside, it’s beautiful, lovely art deco leading up the stairs where I meet Hannah who is getting ready with her mum and bridesmaids, everyone is in good spirits and even teaching each other a dance routine, I decide to not join but get some snaps instead.  Downstairs Noam is doing the finishing touches to his speech, today will be a mixture of Jewish traditions and catching up with loved ones.  

The couple chose the chateau's wooded area for their outdoor ceremony where preparations buzzed with excitement. Guided by insights into Jewish customs from Noam’s dad, I was reminded of the depth and beauty embedded in these traditions. The 'chuppah', standing ready amid the natural setting, symbolised a welcoming space for guests, reflecting the couple’s openness and warmth.

Catching a glimpse of Hannah in her Hermione de Paula dress, adorned with exquisite floral embroidery, was a highlight. The tender moment shared with her mother as they adjusted the veil under the soft, natural light.

As the venue filled with guests, the atmosphere thickened with anticipation. The signing of the 'ketubah' marked the official beginning of Hannah and Noam’s union, a moment met with smiles and a burst of congratulatory Hebrew from the rabbi. The ensuing Bedeken Ceremony was a riot of dance and joy, culminating in the poignant act of Noam veiling his bride.

The ceremony itself was a harmonious blend of Jewish traditions and personal touches. The sound of crickets set a unique auditory backdrop as Hannah and Noam, surrounded by loved ones, made their promises under the dappled light of the forest canopy. The breaking of the glass, followed by exuberant dancing back to the chateau, encapsulated the joy of the moment.

The courtyard of the chateau, now a haven for guests seeking respite from the heat, buzzed with the sounds of celebration. Noam’s father's speech bridged generations, warmly welcoming Hannah into their family. As the sun began to set, the dance floor came alive. The band's rhythms led an ecstatic dance session, highlighted by the traditional lifting of the couple on chairs, a scene of pure delight and a dash of terror from Noam.

A momentary pause by the pool allowed guests to cool down before gathering around the festoon-lit outdoor dinner setting. French cuisine, wine, and heartfelt speeches filled the evening air, creating an ambiance of warmth and celebration.

One of the night's most tender photographs came after Noam's speech, a simple gesture of him kissing Hannah's hand, vividly portraying the essence of their connection.  As the evening unfolded, the dance floor called again, its allure undeniable. The atmosphere was electric, alive with the vibrant spirit and unity so characteristic of Jewish weddings.  With Hannah in a fresh new dress, her dance with Noam was a serene finale to a journey that had started with the unexpected drama of air traffic control strikes, bringing my journey full circle from the chaos of disruptions to the night's peaceful embrace.  

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Venue : Domaine Saint Hilaire

Caterer : Maison Lyel

Florist : Faustine

Make Up Artist : Sarah Rees

Hair Stylist : Jenny La Coiffure

DJ : James Carr

Band : Shir

Bride's Wedding Attire :  Hermione de Paula

Groom's Wedding Attire : P Johnson

"Richard is the most talented photographer and did an incredible job of capturing our wedding in France. He produced beautiful, natural shots that captured the essence of the day"
Hannah & Noam
black and white photograph of bride and groom being showered with confetti