An Exquisite Malta Destination Wedding in Rabat
Kate & Matthew

An Exquisite Malta Destination Wedding in Rabat

The sun-rich shores of Malta set the stage for Kate & Matthew's unforgettable destination wedding in late June. As I made my way to this picturesque Mediterranean island, memories of childhood holidays flooded back, infusing me with a sense of familiarity as I embarked on this exciting journey. Rabat, nestled in northern Malta, welcomed me with open arms, its ancient city of Medina promising adventure and charm.

The anticipation buzzed in the air as the big day dawned, promising a scorching Mediterranean celebration. Matthew, accompanied by his adorable son, father, and groomsmen, prepared for the festivities in one of Valletta's elegant hotels. Dressed in sharp black tie attire, They exuded timeless style despite the impending heat.. Meanwhile, across town, Kate, surrounded by her family and bridesmaids, readied herself in a chic apartment overlooking Valletta's bustling square. Amidst laughter and excitement, with her little one by her side, Kate slipped into her exquisite Eliza Jane Howell wedding gown, the anticipation palpable as she finally ready for the day's festivities.

The ceremony, a Catholic affair back in Rabat, awaited. Another taxi ride whisked me away, offering a brief respite from the normal driving I have to do, as we traversed the island's scenic landscapes. Stepping into the adorned church, its opulent ceilings and gilded accents evoking a sense of wonder. The air was thick with anticipation as Kate and Matthew exchanged vows, becoming husband and wife amidst the grandeur of their surroundings. As they emerged, radiant smiles illuminated their faces, met with a cascade of confetti from their jubilant loved ones.

Across the street, the enchanting Palazzo Castelletti beckoned, its open courtyard alive with music and laughter as guests indulged in refreshing Aperols, relishing in the Mediterranean breeze. Then came the highlight—a stroll through the ancient walled city of Medina for portraits of the newlyweds. Each cobblestone street and sun-drenched alleyway offered a breathtaking backdrop, capturing the couple amid centuries of history was a photographer's delight, leaving me eager to revisit this captivating destination.

The wedding dinner awaited atop the restaurant's roof, offering sweeping views of the city as guests savoured the flavours of Maltese cuisine. But first handwritten cards awaited each guest on the tables, it must have taken Kate & Matthew forever to write but by the amount of tears shed it was 100% worth it. Amidst cheers and applause, the couple made a spirited entrance, kicking off a series of heartfelt speeches that echoed against the backdrop of fireworks; the festivities must have started early.

As dusk settled, the guests made their way downstairs for the first dance back in the courtyard. Anticipating a perfect view from the rooftop, I stayed put, and boy it paid off, I think the two dancing is one of my favourite photographs from the day. The remainder of the night is a whirlwind of hands in the air, voices singing along to beloved tunes, and the band igniting the dance floor. Despite my exhaustion, every tired muscle reminds me it was worth it. Kate & Matthew orchestrated a day that will be etched in memory.

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Caterer : Palazzo Castelletti restaurant

Videographer : Ernest Vella

Florist : Floreal Malta - Bjorn Borg

Hair Stylist : Bridal hair and more by Bernice

DJ / Band : Acoustic Nights

Bride's Wedding Attire : Eliza Jane Howell

Groom's Wedding Attire  : DKNY

"We feel so incredibly lucky that Richard was our photographer. He is beyond talented."
Luisa & Jack