A misty black tie wedding in Devon
Victoria & Caleb

A misty black tie wedding in Devon

Victoria & Caleb's wedding on June 10th, 2023, unfolded in a mist-enshrouded Salcombe, setting the scene for a day imbued with anticipation, music, and fun. The rented house buzzed with life that morning, filled with the hum of hairdryers, children's excitement, and dogs wagging their tails in joy. Amidst this cheerful chaos, Victoria shared heartfelt gifts with her mother and bridesmaids, marking the beginning of a day destined to be remembered.

Driving down the picturesque Devon roads, I reached Caleb, who was getting ready at a hotel just a short distance from the river's mouth. The misty river, speckled with boat masts, and the sight of people walking their dogs along the coast lent a magical touch to the air. The anticipation was tangible as the gentlemen donned their bow ties for the black-tie event, signalling the start of what was sure to be a fantastic day.

Returning to Victoria as she stepped into her dress, the scene was touching, with family members gathered downstairs, barely holding back tears at the sight of her. Our drive to All Saints Church in South Milton, a quaint setting a mere 15 minutes from Salcombe, was filled with anticipation. The church was alive with excitement, buzzing as Victoria and her stylishly dressed bridesmaids, adorned with big white bows, made their grand entrance.

The ceremony wrapped up with a joyous confetti photograph, a logistical feat given the 150 guests packed onto the small church path. This was followed by portraits of the newlyweds before we all headed to The Barn at South Milton for the reception. The rustic charm of the venue, coupled with Caleb's brother serenading the couple with a newly written song, created an atmosphere filled with smiles and tears of joy.

The reception unfolded in a relaxed manner, with champagne flowing, laughter ringing out, and the Devon coastline providing a breathtaking backdrop. The barn, beautifully decorated with candles, festoon lights, and vibrant floral arrangements by Caroline Hodges, showcased the immense effort put into creating such an enchanting setting.

Dinner began with guests using tambourines provided by the couple, a perfect start to an evening of heartfelt speeches and sumptuous food. Victoria's father delivered a speech that was a highlight in terms of emotional moments, followed by Caleb's touching words. The best men injected humor, rounding off the speeches before everyone stepped outside to enjoy the sunset.

As the evening progressed, the Drunken Jockeys crafted cocktails, keeping the party's spirits uplifted. I took this opportunity for some final portraits of the couple against the backdrop of the returning mist and setting sun. Then, the band, Truly Madly Deeply, took the stage, energising the compact space as Victoria and Caleb shared their first dance amid jubilant guests.

The night transformed into a medley of hits from the '70s to the '90s, with a few hip-hop classics for good measure, keeping the dance floor lively. Navigating the narrow, mist-covered roads back to my accommodation, I reflected on the day—a whirlwind of unique moments. Exhausted yet fulfilled, it was evident that editing Victoria and Caleb's wedding, set against the misty backdrop of Devon, would be an enjoyable task.

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Venue : The Barn At South Milton

Catering, Planning & Styling : Two Many Cooks

Flowers : Caroline Hodges Flowers

Band : TMD Band

Videographer : York Place Films

Oysters : Porlock Bay Oysters

Dress : Miss Bush Bridal 

Cocktails & Bar : The Drunken Jockeys 

"Richard was just brilliant and I couldn't recommend him more. He was amazing from the moment we booked him and took the most incredible photos of our wedding day which we can't get enough of. He was super relaxed on the day and was amazing with communicating with us both in the lead up and afterwards to make sure we got exactly what we are after from the photos."
Victoria & Caleb