Vibrant Fusion Wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens
Asha & Kevin

Vibrant Fusion Wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens

Asha and Kevin's wedding at the Larmer Tree Gardens in mid-August was a vibrant fusion of cultures, truly a 'Colourful Culture Combo' as they aptly described it during our initial discussions. 

From the moment I stepped into Bournemouth, where the couple prepared for their big day, I knew we were in for an unforgettable celebration. Asha, with her serene demeanour, sat adorned in delicate henna, sipping from a glass, a picture of tranquillity amidst the wedding morning hustle. The exchange of gifts between Kevin’s family and Asha was a heartfelt moment, rich in tradition and joy.

Kevin, on the other hand, exuded a cool confidence, his light suit sharply contrasted by a vivid red tie – a nod to the day's vibrant colour theme. Their heritage, Asha's Indian and Kevin's Ghanaian, promised a day filled with a rich palette of colours and heartfelt traditions, and they delivered on that promise beautifully.

Driving to the Larmer Tree Gardens, nestled within the lush Dorset countryside, I couldn't help but feel excited. The venue, known for its annual festival, was a dream setting with its enchanting Victorian gardens offering an intimate embrace for the celebrations ahead. Upon arrival, the garden was already a canvas of colour with guests adorned in traditional Indian sarees and Ghanaian attire, setting the scene for a ceremony that would beautifully blend two rich cultures.

The ceremony, set against the backdrop of Roman temples amidst the sprawling gardens, was a spectacle of unity and style. Asha, in her traditional red Lehenga, and Kevin, with his red tie, presented a stunning visual harmony. The emotional gravity of the moment was palpable, especially in the tender moments of Asha wiping away tears during the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, the gardens transformed into a lively arena for the drinks reception, with the singing theatre providing a picturesque backdrop. The atmosphere was one of pure jubilation, with guests mingling, embracing, and exploring the gardens. The transition to the evening brought a change of attire for the ladies and a shift in energy, as the Bhangra beats called everyone to the dancefloor on the lawn opposite the singing theatre, igniting the night with rhythmic vitality.

The choice to hold speeches outdoors, on the steps of one of the garden's charming buildings, added a uniquely personal touch to the celebration. Each speech, particularly Asha’s father's heartfelt words, wove a deeper connection among the guests, laughter and tears mingling in the soft evening light.

As night fell, the party moved indoors, where Asha and Kevin, ever the cool couple, led their guests in a meticulously rehearsed dance routine with everyone cheering them along. The night was alive with the rhythm of Bhangra and R&B, a perfect soundtrack to a celebration that provided so many distinct moments.

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Venue : Larmer Tree Gardens

Caterer : Forking Out

Videographer : Dave Bone

Hair Stylist : Kate Price

DJ : Special D

Singer : He3b

"A brilliant documentary style photographer! Richard's pictures of my wedding capture such beautiful moments, every time I look at a photo I see something new that I didn't see before. It's honestly like a moment frozen in time."
Asha & Kevin
black and white photograph of bride and groom being showered with confetti