A simply gorgeous garden marquee wedding in Malvern
Jen & Rob

A simply gorgeous garden marquee wedding in Malvern

So with all these rainy days, we have been getting recently I thought it would be nice to show what happens if it does rain on your wedding day! And why it doesn't matter as much as people might think. Jen & Rob wanted to have their garden marquee wedding at Jen's parent's house in Malvern in Worcestershire and rain or shine they were going to enjoy it!

If you have never ventured to Worcestershire, then you can't really beat Malvern for a place to start. Or how it's written on google maps' Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' quite apt, especially when you drive up through the picturesque countryside, it is definitely outstanding and most definitely an excellent place for a wedding.

I arrive the day ahead with a little time before the sunsets to meet the couple who are enjoying a beer after a busy day of setting up the marquee with friends for the reception. After a quick hello I take a walk to scout out some locations for portraits of the couple, with fields and fields of beautiful countryside, I've got a good feeling about what tomorrow brings.

Living in Britain, you accept the rain, but when you become a wedding photographer, you start to develop a weird obsession with it. Trying to work out when it will begin and for how long can determine if you get some lovely images or some exceptional ones. I think I have about 5 weather apps on my phone, probably too many!? But at least if it does rain on your wedding day, I'm prepared.

The morning of the wedding arrived, and apart from some sheep blocking the road, I make it to Jen's parent's house dry, on time and excited to start documenting the day. The family are helping with the final few bits in the marquee, hair is being blown dry, and the wedding cake has it's incredible toppers carefully placed. Just walking around the rustic marquee you can tell the couple have put in a lot of effort into bringing part of themselves into the day, little references here and there stamping their personalities.

After a relatively relaxed morning, it was time for the ceremony at St Gregory's church in a local village called Castlemorton. up to this point, the skies had been reasonably dull. But as soon as Jen & her bridesmaids arrive, the wind started to howl, dresses blew sideways, and everyone ran to the shelter of the church. Inside and away from the wind, everyone is already seated and ready for the ceremony to begin. I always love it when couples exchange their vows, and you get to see how important it is for them.

So I said at the start of the blog post that there would be rain and just in time for when the couple were meant to be showered with confetti they were instead showered by rain. But like any day when you have everyone you love in your life with you, you're not going to let a bit rain stop you enjoying every minute. I may have got a little soaking over the next 10 minutes as the couple ran to their car, but it was worth it. I love these little moments of family and friends laughing as they struggle with umbrella's and waving the couple away as they get wet. That's how your friends and family should accept the rain on your wedding day!

As everyone made their way back to the marquee to dry off, it was time for a little surprise from Jen.

"I arranged a surprise petting zoo from Oreo and Friends during the drinks reception. My pet name for Rob has pretty much always been 'Raccoon' as he is practically nocturnal and we both find raccoons super-cute! I managed to find a company who would bring a selection of animals, including a meerkat and a python to entertain our guests and couldn't believe that I managed to keep it a secret from Rob. It was worth those months of me keeping my mouth shut to see his reaction!"

How cool is that! Not only for Rob but I love how much everyone at the wedding enjoyed seeing animals they had never seen up close before, not sure about the snakes but they definitely made some funny reactions.

So like I was saying earlier, you get a slight obsession with the weather after becoming a wedding photographer. Sometimes that pays off, and sometimes it doesn't. The rain had been sporadic for most of the afternoon, so I had to use the right windows of good weather and work quickly, I managed to get the group's shots done in record time before the droplets fell once more.

It wasn't until I took the couple for some evening portraits that things got really interesting. You may get rain on your wedding day, but that also might mean you get some fantastic dramatic skies as well, I think the images of Jen & Rob at sunset with the moody skies and sun peeking out are my favourite. Even when we all had to run for my car as it starting raining like cats & dogs!

I do love that saying, glad I got the chance to use it.

So after we all dried off, it was time for some more speeches and the party to really kick-off. One of Jen & Rob's friends is an exceptional DJ and managed to get everyone dancing their little socks off!

I hope you love Jen & Rob's ever so rainy but equally flipping gorgeous wedding as much as me! Hopefully this shows you don't have to worry too much if it does rain on your wedding day. If you like this then do take a look at Luisa & Jack's tipi wedding at Furtho Manor Farm.

That's how you cope with rain on your wedding day!


Wedding Planner: Alexandra Rose
Flowers: Alexandra Rose & Bride
Hair Stylist: Chris Fordham
Make-Up: Elle Hitchens
Catering: The Wild Oven
Dress: Stewart Parvin
Shoes: Elizabeth Rose London
Suit: Moss Bros
Second Shooter: Harry Michaels
Other: Oreo and Friends

"Happiness just seems to radiate from every photo he takes and I just had a gut feeling about booking him, which in my experience you shouldn’t ignore"
Jen & Rob