A Beautiful Elmore Court Wedding in Gloucestershire
Hannah & Ollie

A Beautiful Elmore Court Wedding in Gloucestershire

So I've not blogged in ages, so what better way to return than Hannah & Ollie's flipping gorgeous wedding at one of my favourite wedding venues, the magnificent Elmore Court in Gloucestershire! I always have to pinch myself when I get to document a day here; everything about the house screams class, and when combined with a lovely couple, you really can't go wrong with an Elmore Court wedding!

The wedding venue is located on the west slopes of the Cotswolds near the river Severn & the town of Gloucester. Gloucestershire is always an incredible place for a wedding. It's such a picturesque part of the English countryside, so a perfect setting to get married and become husband & wife.

Hannah & Ollie decided on an elegant country house wedding to bring all their loved ones together to celebrate their marriage. An Elmore Court wedding is the perfect balance between old and new; the land dates back to the 13th Century and is given to the owners family by the court of Henry 3rd! And the main building oozes character; you can sense the history, all the people who have lived there and the countless people who have celebrated marriages over the centuries.

I arrive early in the morning as the girls get ready in the Coach house, a newly built home perfectly designed for morning wedding preparations; a great place to get that make-up applied and share a glass or two with your bridesmaids. The florists are busy setting up the flower arrangements for the ceremony room as Ollie starts to get ready in the smoking room. A grand room with a large painted panelled wall and an emperor bed as a centrepiece, a perfect place to get your wedding suit on.

I head back to Hannah's, who's putting on her stunning Anna Kara wedding dress, an intricate lace bird wing design; I love the images of her mum hugging her and dad waiting patiently on the bottom of the steps to see his daughter in her dress.

I am in awe of the ceremony space at Elmore court; the room has large bay stained glass windows flooding the room with light, the size of the room is vast and feels like a perfect place for Hannah & Ollie to exchange their vows; you could sense the love between them as they faced each other! Such a timeless setting to share that connection with everyone. The ceremony ends with Hannah & Ollie's friend's beautifully playing the violin & a piano as the couple and guests all sing together; apart from myself, I didn't want to ruin the moment with my tone-deaf singing voice...

After a quick confetti throw inside (more couples should do this), it's time for a relaxed drinks reception on the venue's lawn. One of Ollie's chef friends is delicately cutting Serrano ham for guests to enjoy with a glass of champagne as kids bounce around on space hoppers. After I whisk the bride & groom off for photographs and a few relaxed group photographs; It's time for the bride's father to start the first speech of the day on the top step of the house. I love little moments like this; he talks with pride about his daughter and her new husband with everyone watching from the lawn below.

After the speech, the couple and their guests head to the newly built Gillyflower building for the wedding breakfast, a beautiful structure to enjoy the 3-course meal and party! I love the decor and table decorations the couple decided to use; such an elegant way to decorate the space with Amber Persia's flowers on each table! A fantastic array of Dahlias & Roses to set the scene for the evening.  The couple also had a beautiful touch of writing a personal card for every guest to read before making an entrance with their little one.

Ollie is a Michelin starred chef in London, and with a lot of the guests, either chef themselves or coming from the industry, you know the food is going to have to be good! Luckily, Elmore's chefs are excellent and even managed to work effortlessly to create delicious food for the celebrations. One of my favourite moments of the day was Ollie going from table to table, picking a person from each to don the chef hat and help carve the meat for the table.

The evening gently filled with the sounds of laughter with family & friends catching up over good food and lots of wine. A perfect relaxed wedding reception with kids playing games between courses and guests filling the polaroid board for the couple to have on their wall for years to come. The sound of champagne bottles popping can only mean one thing; it was time for the speeches. First up with Ollie bringing the room to a rapture before being eventually roasted by his brother...

What better way to start the party than by getting everyone outside with a 7-piece brass band playing the hits! Queue dancing with the young and the not so young shaking those hips and playing games until the sunsets. The night ended as the evening began, with the New York brass band killing it on the dancefloor as guests sporadically start a conga line every so often, only stopping for shots from an ice sculpture with the sole purpose to get people merry! An Elmore Court wedding is always a fun one.

God, I miss these parties at weddings! Roll on June 21st.

If you're thinking of having a country house wedding, then you can't go wrong with Elmore Court as your wedding venue! If you like this, go check out Becky & Jack's North Cadbury Court Wedding or even Alex & Josh's wedding at St Giles House. Please let me know what you think of Hannah & Ollie's Elmore Court wedding at the bottom of the post. If you want to know more about booking me for your wedding, use my contact form here.


Venue: Elmore Court
Dress: Anna Kara
Tiara: Agnes Hart
Florist: Amber Persia
Hair Stylist: Mel at Bonomini Hair
Make Up: Victoria Abbosh
Caterer: Elmore Court / Pizza Monkey
Bands: New York Brass Band / DJ Luke Nukem

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"He has a talent for capturing the most fleeting of special moments in a natural yet artful manner; you can see the thought behind the composition of each candid photo without it ever looking posed or clichéd"
Hannah & Ollie